Monday, June 28, 2010

Engrish (Bad English)

The funniest English mistakes you will ever see!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Real deal , for a good deal ! - Haircut

Hey all! So once again i am posting another post but i have come up with a new category and it is called "Real deal , for a good deal! " Basically this segment is to tell you people here in Singapore where you can find the best      'item' and at great price too! Located at Yishun Avenue 11 is this hair salon called " Peter and E hair salon" . This is a one must visit place as they offer hair services at great prices! But the best of them all will be the $2.50 haircut! That's right, $2.50 haircut! While i can't say that they did a bad job on it but if you are looking for a good and affordable haircut, it will be at Peter and E .

I visited the place there to get my haircut and to save money. When i 'patrol' around the area, i noticed that there are more than two hair salons around the area offering haircut services at great prices as well but it wasn't still as cheap as the $2.50 haircut salon however, they did try to lower the price as low as possible. It seems to me that all the salons were having some sort of competition? While as i said, i had my hair done at Peter and E and was really satisfied with my haircut . Below are a few pictures of the salon itself so that at least you guys know what i am taking about. P.s There aren't any pictures of my hair cut!

Enjoy your holidays people!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The New Paper Big Walk is BACK

Yep the New Paper Big Walk is BACK! And even bigger and better! Well this year the new paper big walk will be held at the Singapore flyer and 20 000 participants will be part of the event . However there are still 800 entries left for You to join in the fun! So, if you would like to register or learn more about this event, go to : and learn more! Upon registration you will  receive a coupon to the goodie bag (Picture link : ) and a new paper big walk t-shirt in either red or blue! Below are some pictures of my t-shirt and the coupon!

Update on 'inconsiderate owner'

Hey all so, the picture you are about to see is about one month after the first post on inconsiderate owners and here is the update. The trolley seems to be yet again left there and not cared by others. The trolley was actually moved to the other side of the small area it was in and surprisingly the items in the trolley was gone! Either the owner came back to retrieve his/her things or there is a thief.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Navy Open House 2010 (Review) / (Visit)

                                                  NAVY OPEN HOUSE 2010

    Hi all! so this is a full review on my trip to the Navy Open house 2010! The Navy Open house is normally held once every 3 to 4 years if i didn't remembered wrongly. This special event often shows the public the lives and encounters that their child (son) might be facing when they are entitled to join the navy.Not only that , one also has the chance of entering some of the boats that the navy uses and you are allowed to tour around the boat. Below are pictures that were took there. I took seperate pictures for the 'inside' view of two particular boats and you can almost see the difference. ( one is luxurious while the other... not so much) Enjoy!

(Entrance to Navy Open House 2010)

(One of the many boats that can be seen floating around the bay)

(Close up view of two boats from a far distance)

( Me holding a fire extinguish ball. Never heard of it? So did i.)

( One of the boat i entered for a tour)

( The ready-to-release mini boat. P.S: Was extremely hot when touch as it was a hot weather and the boat is covered in the colour black!)

( Some sort of missile of some kind)

( Another missile of some kind)

( A close-up on one of the boats from the boat i am having my tour on)

( Pictures of the control room)

( A row of something that looks like a machine gun. Heres a close-up)

......................and me using it!

( Again the missiles)

(The room where they sleep! Four people per room!Imagine that)

( When was the last time you think they use this toilet ? GROSS! Just joking, it is perfectly fine)

( A mini kitchen hmmm...... do you think they cook the food themselves?)

( End of tour for boat no.1 . Time for boat number 2!)

( A helicopter on a helicopter pad on boat no.2 quite an attraction actually!)

( Respect the one in the control room chair! Just kidding)

( Pictures of the controls in the control room. We weren't allowed to touch them though)

( A gym! This boat has everything!)

( Don't you wish you can relax here?)

( If i am not wrong, this is an air-conditioned AVA room but there was this toilet seat with no walls around it built to the right side of this picture though i didn't take a photograph of that because it just looks weird to have one there)

( A dentist room, nice!)

(Endless hallway. Actually i am not sure where this path leads to as it was out of bounds to unauthorised personnel)

( A better room with more spaces in the room however, capacity is still four to one room)

( The shower room. Don't worry, no one is in the toilet if you are wondering )

( Restraunt-like kitchen!)

( Cafeteria a.k.a where people salvage their food)

( One of the speed boat inside boat no.2)

( A specially built robot to fire bullets of missiles from a fixed position and is controled by someone. If you look closer, the sign next to me says : 'Gun may train without warning' i actually didn't understand what were they saying. Isn't it suppose to be : ' Gun may fire without warning' ? i mean , it makes sense.

Well, i hope you've enjoyed the pictures taken. Stay tuned for more posts! 


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inconsiderate "Owners"

Hi all! Today's topic will be... Inconsiderate "owners" I was cycling around the blocks near my house when something caught my attention, it was a trolley that was left behind in a 'hidden' area near the dumpster. The main handle of the trolley was rip off from it somehow and 'tools' were in the trolley. It seems to me that even a handle containing a dollar could 'attract' someone to steal it. Well, i actually wanted to report this, but i want to see how many other people might have seen it, but have not bothered to report it or even cared about it. Well. here are the pictures! 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My visit to Hort Park ( Must Visit !)

Hi all! So that day a class ( sec 1T1) and i were visiting the hort park in which was my second time as there was once where we went on a fieldtrip there through my CCA, science club.The scenery was undescribable as it was astounding. located near Hyberabad road, this park is filled with interactive features like playgrounds for childrens restraunts to satisfy your tummy and of course the plants! If you happen to want to visit hort park don't worry , the admission fee is free! Well you can get there either by car or public transport.

Public transport available: MRT , bus transport.
How to get there by:
MRT- nearest MRTstation: HarbourFront NEL Station (NE1)
Bus Transport: No. 61,93,100,166.963

Here are some of the pictures i took there with my camera phone:

The steps to successes!Look out for my next post!